Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm not sure who wrote this, but it seems so appropriate today as we get ready to celebrate Christmas without Stretch this year:

I may not always be the one who kisses you goodnight
or sings you songs of carousels and stars shining bright.

But I do not love you any less
even when I can't be there
I need you to remember that
even when it seems unfair.

A military father loves not less
in fact he may love more
because your time's the greatest sacrifice
in the freedom he's fighting for.

Happy Christmas, everyone!


TripleE said...

Merry Christmas!
I'm going to share that poem with Stuntman... I think today will be tougher on him than it is on me.

Mary Alice said...

Merry Christmas from our family to yours....and know people appreciate and empathize with your family sacrifice.

trying said...

Merry Christmas! That was such a beautiful poem. Hope you and the girls enjoyed the day and be sure to tell Stretch Merry Christmas and semper fi!

Meredith said...

(Belated) Merry Christmas! Lovely poem. I bet the holidays are harder on the soldiers, but yours always knows how much you love and support him. Lucky guy, he is.

****Veteran Military Wife**** said...

I wanted to stop by and say hello! I get a lot of traffic from your site, and I wanted to say thank-you...from one military wife to another! Keep up the good writing!