Sunday, December 28, 2008

dinner-time battle of wills

I thought I'd made a decent dinner tonight: rice, asparagus (steamed and tossed with the same ingredients I usually make spinach with), and schnitzel. Both kids ate the asparagus without any argument (huge surprise there!). Big Sis finished her dinner and asked to be excused. Meanwhile, L'il Sis had eaten almost everything but hadn't touched her "chicken" (it's what she called it). I can't even adequately describe her dramatics in trying to avoid taking a bite. She sighed. She held her head in her hands, covering her eyes. It went on and on. Finally, I took her fork and fed her a bite. She chewed and swallowed, then she said, "Mm-m, that's good!"

Seriously, I don't get paid enough for this job. And it's causing gray hairs and wrinkles.

*update: I use pork tenderloin for the schnitzel. But I do use veal (and sometimes chicken, but it's not as good) for veal piccata over linguine. That's one of Big Sis' favorite meals.


Meredith said...

Do you make real veal schnitzel?? I've never tried that (eating or cooking). Getting my kids to eat it, I'd have to call it chicken, too. Eliza loves asparagus and broccoli and raw spinach, but not because of anything I've done. (and those are pretty much the only green food she eats) The more I forced a food, the more she's dragged her feet. Quinn eats healthier, but that's not saying much. Good menu there!

Jody said...

Anything past green beans and chicken are considered exotic at our house. It drives me crazy when they finally try something after a battle and then like it. You just want to say, "See? You like it!!!"

Guard Wife said...

I despise the short term memory loss b/w repeated meals. If M2 likes it once, it's a crap shoot if she will the next time. She is so opposed to trying new things. The child has never let mac & cheese OR spaghetti pass her lips. Isn't that against a kid rule somewhere??

Kate said...

I'm with Guard Wife. I feel like shaking them and saying, "But you loved it last Thursday!"

What a lovely dinner you made.