Saturday, March 14, 2009

dancing raindrops

It was a busy morning. Big Sis and Stretch had their last games for Upward Bound basketball and L'il Sis had her first dance performance at a local festival. Stretch and Big Sis left for basketball after breakfast. I was so bummed to miss her last game. After they left, I still had to wrestle L'il Sis' hair into a bun. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so hair-challenged. I had to get another mom to tell me how to do it. L'il Sis didn't care for the gel, hair pins, or hairspray. I can't really say I blame her. She probably wouldn't have been too crazy about the hairnet either, if she'd known about it. But, miraculously, it all stopped hurting her after I gave her a few M&M's.

It's not the most beautiful thing up close, but it got the job done!

Waiting to go on.

Once the girls were ready to perform, my Flip froze up on me during the beginning of the routine. I managed to get it going again just after L'il Sis and the other raindrops began their part of the dance, collectively I guess they are a raincloud. L'il Sis is mostly to the far left of the screen, the tallest of the brunette raindrops:

The first thing L'il Sis said as she came off the stage was, "Do we get to try again?" with a smile. When I told her no, she asked sadly, "We only get one try?" She refused to take her costume off and wore it to the basketball game Stretch was coaching. She also provided some off-court entertainment by dancing on the side-lines. I don't think the cheerleaders' coaches were too pleased when half their girls were distracted by the little ballerina.

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Jody said...

Great job, Lil Sis! I loved it. You did a good job on her hair. I know from previous up-dos that miracles can be performed with enough bobby pins and aqua net!