Monday, March 09, 2009


It's 5:20 p.m.
I'm in the midst of making dinner for my family when my cell phone rings.
It's the rental car company calling to tell me that today is the last day that my insurance will be paying for the rental.
(I'd taken my car in for repairs last week.)
Apparently, the repairs had been completed last Friday.
Again, WHAT?!
No one had called to inform me of this little nugget.
I ask when the rental office closes.
Of course.
I call the repair office, confirm that the car is indeed ready and ask what time they close.
By now it is 5:30.
And, oh, by the way, I live about 30 minutes away.
(The only good part was that both offices were located at the same dealership location.)
Fortunately, Stretch was home.
I told him how to finish dinner as I launched myself out of the garage.
Somehow, I made it to the repair shop in record time, with time to spare! Let's just say that I put those Korean driving skills to good use. Ahem.

I think I need a bubble bath ...or wine... or both...


Guard Wife said...

How idiotic of them. Just like those folks to wait until the last minute hoping to ding you for an extra day or two. Grrr.

Glad you stuck it to them by making it there on time and in one piece!

Kimberly D said...

One would really think that with the economy being what it is these days, we would see an improvement in customer service....oh how naive I must be! Glad you made it on time - and safely!

liberal army wife said...

wine in the bubble bath...


loquita said...

Holy cow, I am giggling at your "Korean driving skills" comment. Too funny!

And I'm with LAW -- sounds like it's time for a glass of wine *in* the bath!

The Mrs. said...

thank goodness stretch was home! mad driving is never as much fun with the kids in the background giving you tips!