Saturday, March 07, 2009


Not only do girls want to have fun, this one has no shortage of confidence! When I showed her the video, her first words were,
"I have a cute voice!"

Hmm... I just noticed she's wearing the same outfit as the previous post. I swear it is a different day and it has been laundered! ;D


Jody said...

Yakka-wanna is too funny. Now I will always think of Lil Sis and yakka-wanna when I hear that song. You can let her know that Aaron said she was pretty good.

Linda said...

Oh MY! That is hilarious...and forever preserved, lol! Cute voice notwithstanding...the Yakka-Wanna is better!

Butterfly Wife said...

Very cute. And I love the mic and wings. Might need to get me some of that.