Friday, May 07, 2010

oh, yeah, she IS tall...

Every so often, I get a reminder of just how tall members of my family are. 

This week, Devil Pup turned 6, one of the last to do so in her Kindergarten class, I might add.  She had her well-child check-up where we learned she was over 90th percentile for height.  That really wasn't news as that's about where she's always been, except for that brief time as a baby when she was off the charts. 

No, the reminder came when I took her to school.  We waited in the office as her teacher sent 2 of her classmates to escort her back to the classroom.  Now, I know the little boy that was sent is probably the smallest kid in the class, just a cute little peanut.  But I swear she must have sent the 2 tiniest kids in class. 

As Devil Pup joined her friends, I noticed that she towered over them, by almost a full head! 

Then after dinner last night, both she and her sister started foraging through the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator as if they were starving.  I repeat, this was after they'd eaten dinner.  Immediately after.  I'm just glad they aren't boys.  I don't think we'd be able to afford that.

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Anonymous said...

As I've mentioned before, my husband was 6'8" and two of my three daughters are 6'2" (the other is 5"8") and two granddaughters are 5'11", one is 23,the other 17 (they are sisters). The shorter daughter married into a family of short people and has a 28 y.o. daughter just over 5'.