Saturday, May 08, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, the girls came downstairs with a surprise.  Big Sis had styled and dressed Devil Pup for a performance.  They can be so goofy and cute sometimes.  I try to remember this when they are being royal stinkers! 

Speaking of being stinkers, Stretch and I had quite a surprise last night when we went upstairs to go to bed.  We found that both girls had commandeered our bed!  They had also placed sticky notes above their heads on our headboard.  The one above Big Sis read:
"Dear Mom,
Since you are smaller than daddy try please to sleep with us.  We had a tingly feeling --
[Big Sis]
PS. My head needs to be ellivated
Please allow me 2 pillows"

The one above Devil Pup read:
"Dad, you can sleep in our bed remove my fluffy pillow tho
-- [Big Sis] and [Devil Pup]"

Stretch was a little put out (not really, well, maybe a little) that they'd kicked him out of his own bed and tried to put him in one of their twin beds.  I couldn't stop laughing and almost woke them up.  Stretch ended up making up the guest bed and that's where we spent the night.

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Amy said...

What a great memory that will be for all of you!