Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's come to this

Last night my sister called:
Sis: What are you doing?
Me: Something weird... I'm watching Heartbreak Ridge on TV.
Sis: What's that?
Me: It's a Clint Eastwood Marine movie.
Sis: (long pause) Your Marine really needs to come home.
Me: Ya think?


Non-Essential Equipment said...

See, I wouldn't worry until you start watching Kelly's Heroes every night -- and cry.

That's when you know you've hit rock bottom.

Butterfly Wife said...

You both are funny. I basically am using this deployment as a break for watching military movies!

Marine Wife said...

Butterfly wife, I usually avoid them like the plague!

Meredith said...

He does need to come home! Did the movie make you feel better or worse? I've not seen that one. So sorry you're resorting to Clint Eastwood.. there have to be better Marine movies! (no offense to Clint fans- he's just never struck me as Marine-ish)


Shannon said...

What a great love.

Sallie said...

that sounds like a familiar conversation to me!! I just bought the cutest Marine Corps necklace and I'll post a pic as soon as it arrives. It says "ejoy the journey" with "journey" being upside down... you eventually get used to it I guess (though it's been 15 and we're still working on that part)

God bless,