Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ist day of school

Big Sis started back to school last Thursday. (Yes, I'm a bit late with this post.) As you can see, she insisted on a messenger bag. She wanted something with only one strap. Which makes since, since she preferred to only use one strap on her backpack anyway.

It's hard to believe she's already in 2nd grade! The only thing I'm anxious about this year is the fact that her school is multi-age and her class this years has 2nd graders, 1st graders AND kindergartners! I felt a little better after the parent orientation, but still have some reservations. Big Sis is very bright but will simply coast if allowed to do so. I ought to know since I was the same way!


Shannon said...

They grow up so quickly! Love the messenger bag, by the way, very stylish.

Meredith said...

Wow, I can't believe it either! (she's young for a second grader around here, of course). She looks adorable, and so grown-up. Good thing she's so smart. She can handle being the class baby and the tallest girl. Liza Lu decided to use a messenger bag this year as well. It's her first one and she's in 4th! They marketed those things to death.

Fun, fun.

The multi-age class would freak me out as well. Every time I think I've heard of everything-old-is-new coming back in education, someone surprises me. She'll be able to handle it because she has more initiative than you give her credit for, I'm sure.

Marine Wife said...

She's young for around here, too. Thank goodness she got to start overseas where the cut-off was later! And yeah, she's one of the taller ones. Surprise, surprise.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

The Princess started 4th grade this year! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? She is too cute!

rose_michelle said...

I was a "messenger bag" girl growing up, only they weren't popular, so my great grandmother made me some. She was quite a seamstress and other friends wanted their own bags. Now, I work as a journalist and photographer (until Thursday anyway) and I still use a messenger style bag. I love it!

TripleE said...

My oldest just started 2nd this year too...she's the youngest in the class, the only one that's still 6.
Where does the time go!