Saturday, October 11, 2008

Missing Daddy?

Stretch left here Wednesday morning after dropping Big Sis off at school. Three days later, on Saturday morning, Big Sis asked, "Where is Daddy exactly?"

She understood he'd be gone all month and has been good about trying to explain that to L'il Sis who just doesn't get it. L'il Sis keeps thinking he's coming home or asking if we're going to go pick him up. But still, I wonder about Big Sis' lack of curiosity for 3 days. Of course, this is the same child who once told Stretch when he'd asked her if she missed him shortly after leaving on a trip, "Not really. It's only been a day. That's not long enough to miss you yet." Ouch.


The Mrs. said...

HA! I just wrote a line in a post about this. If I hear when will daddy be home one more time my ears really will bleed. Its all I hear out of my sons mouth.... all day.... everyday.

And sadly when he's home he'll ask constantly when he's going to have to go again.

you just cant win.

Jody said...

It has been her way of life. He's been gone a lot longer. I'm sure she loves him. Take it as a blessing that she is not having a tough time with him being gone. Just don't tell Stretch. It may make him sad.

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