Friday, October 17, 2008

more insurance, please?

Stretch and I have a running joke about insurance. When I feel like he's not taking good care of himself, I'll often tell him he needs to buy more insurance. It's a choice: take care of yourself so you'll live longer or get more insurance. (It should go without saying that I'd rather have him around than the money.)

Currently, Stretch is attending something where injury is a possibility. Hopefully, it isn't a probability. Every evening he calls and tells me about his aches and pains. He's using the heating pad and soaking in boiling hot baths. I think he should find a sports masseuse where he is, too.

(tongue firmly in cheek) Is it wrong that I'm also wondering if he has enough insurance?


Jody said...

I do the same thing when I think P.K. is doing something less than safe. My comment is usually along the lines of, "Is everything up to date?" I think if you ask about it too often, Stretch should sleep with one eye open. :):)

The Mrs. said...

Occasionally when flyboy is going flying I'll make a joke about the sgli being paid up. He doesnt laugh. But then again I'm the one home with the kids so its probably me going crazy that will cost us more!