Monday, January 28, 2008

Amazon children

You know that expression, "growing like weeds?"

In the case of Big and L'il Sis, they might be growing faster than weeds. Clearly, this does not come from my gene pool and I can easily lay the blame on Stretch.

The girls had a checkup today. In the past year, Big Sis has grown 3-1/2 inches and L'il Sis has grown 4 inches. At this rate, Big Sis will be taller than me by the time she is 11 or 12! And L'il Sis will pass her cousin that is a year older than her by this summer (they are already almost the same height). And that nurse told me L'il Sis was "too young" to be having growing pains back in April. This child (at age 3) has averaged an inch every 3 months. I'm pretty sure those leg pains at night are growing pains, regardless of her age.


Windy said...

I grew up having leg aches and I was tall at that time for my age. Now days girls are getting taller all the time, I stopped at 5'8". This was before electric heating pads (I think, or we just couldn't afford one), so my Dad used to heat a bag of salt to put on my aching legs. He was in the military at that time (Coast Guard). His family, combined, served 240 years in the Coast Guard.

Meredith said...

Wow that is a lot of growing. The brick on the head thing won't work, and you have to feed them so you can only stand back (waaaay back, eventually) in awe.

Late congratulations on the WINDOW. I bet it's creeping up! Yaaaayyyyy! Balloons, streamers, whatever, he'll see nothing but his (3) girls and you know it.

trying said...

geez you must water your kids A LOT!

Shannon said...


The girls are already wearing 4T despite being 2 1/2. Stand back and watch'em grow. :)