Friday, January 25, 2008

In which my 7 year old obtains legal representation...

me (talking to Big Sis, who is on the computer): You have 2 minutes left.
Big Sis (outraged): what?!
me: I don't want to hear it. I've already given you more time than I said earlier. You've had extra time.
L'il Sis (who is only 3!): We're playing SuperWhy.
me: I know but you have to go upstairs and brush your teeth and get ready for bed.
L'il Sis: I know. But it's not over. We have to finish the game.
me (doing a double take): What? Are you Maeve's lawyer now?
L'il Sis: Yes!


TripleE said...

sounds way too familiar....

Butterfly Wife said...

Your legal skills have worn off on your children. :D