Thursday, January 17, 2008

Argh! The house from hell strikes again!

The house is leaking...AGAIN! The nice maintenance man who came by to look at it and then later brought another dehumidifier for the back hall, said the repairs would probably need to be pretty extensive. Can it wait for me to get out of this house?

Yeah, the dehumidifier is huge and loud and is in the back hall right by the guest room. The drainage tube is duct taped to the floor in front of the guest room door to prevent tripping and the tube is snaked back to the shower in the guest bathroom. This contraption is supposed to be here all weekend. Oh, and did I mention that I'm expecting my sister, her 4 kids, her friend, and maybe one of their dogs to come for a visit this weekend?


trying said...

It sounds like Murphy's Law just took a big bite out of your hind side. :(

Sorry that of all weekends its this weekend. Im sure you'll enjoy your company none the less!

TripleE said...

Oh no! I'm sure everything will work out... maybe dehumidifier will drown out the sound of 4 kids :)

A said...

Oh, of course!