Wednesday, January 23, 2008

where's that fat lady?

Over at SpouseBuzz, Andi wrote about her misadventures in trying to pamper her husband and unleashing her inner domestic goddess. I can remember various reunions where I rehearsed our reunion, planned out menus and scrubbed the house. This time, not so much. I haven't planned for a single dish, let alone an entire meal for Stretch's return. In fact, I can't seem to really accept that he is coming home. It just doesn't seem real yet. We have only a matter of days and weeks left and I'm almost in denial about our reunion. Obviously, I want Stretch home. But I'm nervous, too. Other than his R&R, we've spent almost a year apart. We've both changed. The kids have changed.

Plus, I've been doing everything around here. While that sucked, it also meant that everything was done MY way. (hmm, I don't have any control issues or anything) It also meant if something didn't get done, I had no one else to blame. But soon, Stretch will be here. He'll do things his way. And I'll have to remember that it's okay. I'll have to learn to let go and to share again. Not just the little things like the remote, but the big things like parenting, too.

The thing is that reunion still seems so far off. (I know it's not.) It isn't "real" yet. They say it isn't over until the fat lady sings and, so far, I haven't heard her singing.


Windy said...

I just started reading your blog and am enjoying it. After I started reading it, it really caught my eye because my husband was also 6'8" tall and had four brothers ranging from 6'2" to
7'. The picture of your daughter standing in her father's shoes is very much like one I have of one of my daughters. I have three daughters, the oldest is only
5'8" tall, but the other two are
6'2" tall. I was a foot shorter than my husband.

You have lovely daughters. I had a red headed brother and my husband had three sisters and a brother with red hair, but I have two blondies and one with dark hair.

Best wishes for a happy reunion.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I can't even imagine. My friend had similar worries about her reunion....she said, at first, she had to remind herself to make conversation with him! :)

Good luck....I am certain you will adjust quickly!

Meredith said...

Here i am! La, la, la... and all that.

How exciting and scary, just like life! It's certainly going to keep things fresh and new. (not that fresh and new is easy, remember the first year of marriage, first months of new babies, first week on the new job...)

I'm so happy for your family. Can't say WELCOME HOME loud enough.

Guard Wife said...

At least you're aware of all these issues prior to his return. I remember distinctly when my husband said accusingly, "You're IGNORING me!" I realized I hadn't had to listen for his voice for so long & I'd become quite adept at tuning out the girls that I was NOT hearing him when he spoke. That took a bit of getting used to; I'm still not sure I'm over not having things done 'my way' around here. LOL

So excited for you!!

trying said...

I know what you mean, you get so used to doing things your way (and with kids thats a big thing) and you get used to being by yourself. It sounds odd to say it but you get nervous about that changing. Re-adjusting pains are just another part of the charm of the milspouse life arent they?