Friday, January 16, 2009

and the hits keep coming...

Today, I had a dental appointment. My first since moving here. I should probably mention that I hate going to the dentist. I've gotten better about it but I still really HATE it. So I went to the dentist's office. For the most part, it was a relatively okay experience. Until the dentist started trying to sell me on (1) either getting braces or veneers (okay, my teeth aren't perfectly straight but I've gone this long and it's never bothered me); and (2) getting my teeth whitened.

Wow! I had no idea I was such a huge mess. Yes, I often go without make-up and have no clue what to do with my hair. And I'll admit that my wardrobe is severely lacking in anything remotely stylish, consisting as it does mostly of comfortable "mommy" gear. But still... I didn't realize that I needed to start wearing a bag over my head!

Then to add insult to injury, I'm told that to get my 2 wisdom teeth removed it will cost $900 (which I will have to pay upfront) and my insurance only covers $216. Oh, and the teeth whitening, which isn't covered at all, costs $550. (No costs were given for orthodontia.) All in all, I think the bag will be cheaper.

update: I guess I should mention that I have no intention of getting braces or having my teeth whitened. I might be in denial but I just don't think they are as bad as all that! At least, I don't seem to scare small children and no one has running screaming from me except my own children and I don't think they did so because of my mishapen and discolored teeth. (that's sarcasm, by the way)


Brando said...

In my experience, I've found that dentists will find ANYTHING, ANY WAY to make more money! So you really shouldn't be reflecting on how your teeth look- but instead reflect on the ways that dentists find to scam people.

I once had a dentist tell me that I needed some "wonderful" sealants on my teeth that of course weren't covered by Tricare (Concordia). The damage for these mystery sealants would have been well over $300. I looked them up online only to find that they really weren't necessary at all!

As for whitening, if you're really worried about it, try those Crest Whitestrips. They really do work!

And I'm with you on the dentist- I usually only go right before the hubby comes home from a long time in the field or a deployment! I hate going!

Jody said...

Yuck! I too hate going to the dentist. All four of my wisdom teeth need to come out. I had no idea how much it would cost. Seeing your price for two, I will continue to put it off!

I'm with Brando on the whitening. Try the crest white strips. I think you have to avoid coffee/tea or other colored drinks during the process. I just remember hearing that some where. Research it.

By the way, I have spent many hours talking to you face to face and have never once thought you needed some extra work on your teeth.

Shannon said...

You're teeth are beautiful, no need for whitening. And take it from someone who has had her teeth whitened (due to tetracycline staining), the results really aren't all that impressive. Crest White Strips are just about as good. And veneers?! There's no way you need veneers! There are many drawbacks to veneers, not to mention the expense. Did he tell you about that? This guy is quite a salesman, and I'll bet he's not even that experienced with what he's trying to sell. Run! Run fast! Far, far away!

Meredith said...

You don't need orthodontia or veneers!! AS someone who KNOWS what orthodontia needs are, I can say that for sure. The other day I was trying to remember when you had worn braces. You and Kim S (now D-S)- Then I remembered you didn't. Kim says she did. I guess as an adult. ???? High school is a blur.

Marine Wife said...

Mere, I think I actually remember Kim wearing braces in h.s. but no, I didn't b/c my crookedness was deemed too minor to mess with it!

Yeah, I think I need to find another DDS. Preferably one less into the cosmetic aspect of dentistry!

Guard Wife said...

I love my dentist. I'm not sure where this guy & his partner & staff learned their stuff, but they are good. The office is beautiful & the bathroom looks like it's straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. They let the kids watch cartoons while they do their cleanings & I can even snag a complimentary hand massage during mine once in awhile.

They CONSTANTLY talk about how great my teeth look, what a good job I do, cheering me on to better dental feelings?! I usually feel like they are making stuff up rather than feeling like I'm a broken down old hag (which is how I used to feel at my old dentist).

I remember your smile & I think you look terrific. Your dentist must have a kid who needs to attend college or something.