Saturday, January 24, 2009

week 2 of basketball and the shoe quest

Stretch left the state in the early hours of the morning (oh-dark thirty to the fellow milspouses out there) so I was solo-parenting today for the basketball game.

But first... we had to get new sneakers for Big Sis. *sigh*

I really hate shopping for anything that child has to wear. Really. It's no fun for anyone. I made Stretch go with us for the first 2 forays. Last Monday it resulted in Big Sis throwing herself onto the floor of a shoe store in the beginnings of a tantrum. She's 8. I thought it was a bit much. The 2nd try was yesterday. Right after school, we met Stretch and L'il Sis at the mall. We actually ended up buying a pair but that also led to much gnashing of teeth, etc. So this morning, much against my better judgment, I took her to another discount chain (that didn't go at all well) and then after lunch I spotted a small mom-and-pop type shoe store where the proprietor was apparently retiring. We actually found a pair of sneakers there that made her (somewhat) happy. I made her wear them out of the store and threw the disintegrating and stinky pair of not-really-sneakers-more-of-a-casual-shoes away.

Then it was time for the game. Did I mention I was doing all this solo today? L'il Sis was hyper. Dang! I knew I shouldn't have fed her! (that's a bit of sarcasm before you go off and report me) Thankfully, the church's gym lets out onto a playground that only has 2 outlets, only one of which was open during the game (the gym door) so she spent some time out there when she wasn't inside inhaling popcorn.

I was really proud of Big Sis and her team. They were down 8-20 at half-time but came back to tie the game at 28-28. By the end of the game, Big Sis' cheeks were rosy and she was so sweaty that her hair was dripping. She received the gold star for Sportsmanship but told her coach they needed a new color for Sweatiest! I think next week I need to remember to take a bottle of water for her to keep on the bench and a hand towel for her dry off!


Spanish Princess said...

Wow! I guess shopping was the "girls day" that it could've been but at least it's done. Glad that you were able to enjoy the game, with two girls running about!

Jody said...

LOL at Big Sis telling the coach there should be an award for the sweatiest.

Guard Wife said...

I'm glad you found those shoes!

The basketball game sounds exciting. :) M1 has a game this Saturday. If they win, they go to the tournament. If not, we're done for the season. Am I a bad Mom if I say I'd appreciate a free Saturday come February??