Sunday, January 18, 2009

Basketball and polo

We've had quite the sporty weekend.  Yesterday was Big Sis' first basketball game with Upward Bound.  It was Stretch's, too.  He coached a boys team.  They both won their games.  Big Sis did a great job.  After the game, the kids are each awarded a star that irons on to their uniforms.  The stars have different colors denoting different awards:  Most Christ-like, Best effort, Best offensive player, Best defensive player, etc.  Big Sis received a star for Best offensive player this week.

Today, we went to our first polo match (hey, when in Rome...).  We didn't really know what to expect so were not fully prepared.  Lessons learned (if we go again):  bring lawn chairs, bring snacks and drinks for the kids, bring a distraction for L'il Sis (or find a babysitter for her to stay with!), and the main lesson learned was do NOT follow another car and drive across an empty polo field (hmm, I actually remarked to Stretch as I was doing this, "this grass seems too nice to drive on") or you may bring down the wrath of a very irate older man driving a golf cart.

So, our first polo experience:  It was interesting and looked more than a bit dangerous.  Actually, one of the players had his teeth knocked to a horrible angle when he was hit by a mallet.  Amazingly, they propped them up and he remounted his horse and continued to play.   During half-time, Stretch and L'il Sis went out to the field to push back divots.  They brought back chocolate-covered ice cream bars for the girls and a glass of champagne for me (both were given out on the field).  The Budweiser Clydesdales also made an appearance on the field.  

Oh, and for the sake of name-dropping, one of the polo players was Tommy Lee Jones.


Shannon said...

Wow, what an adventure!

Meredith said...

That sounds so cool! My kids would especially love the mallet to teeth part.

Jody said...

Kuddos to both Big Sis' and Stretch on their b-ball wins! I guess there is so much estrogen in your house that Stretch will have to resort to coaching boys' teams once in a while.

Polo, huh? I can just see you enjoying your mid-match champagne. Sounds like a fun family outing.

Totally off topic, we have some friends visiting from FL this weekend. You have come up in conversation (in a good way) and I've thought of you often.

Lee Anne said...

Very cool. Hmmm.,.. champagne. That sounds yummy.

Thanks for visiting my blog and offering your kind words and experience with gestational diabetes. It made me feel much better. Take care!