Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can't make this stuff up...

Coming home from basketball practice tonight, this was the conversation in the car:

Big Sis: Mom, don't you have any jewelry that you don't wear anymore?
Me (highly suspicious since Big Sis has been gathering her books and other items to sell in order to raise money for a horse, yes, a horse, and no, we are not getting a horse): Why?
Big Sis: Because you could sell it to Cash for Gold!
Me: What?!
Big Sis: Yeah, and they could turn your gold into cold, hard cash!
Me: Are you quoting a commercial?!
Big Sis: Yeah, what's wrong with that? (highly pleased with herself)


loquita said...

I used to do that as a kid, shit you not. Oh, and I would memorize and sing the jingles on commercials too. Thank goodness I had a fear of using the phone, or I have a feeling I might have ordered a few things that I saw advertised. heh

Butterfly Wife said...

Sounds so much like something I would have done! :D

Shannon said...

Oh, that is too funny.