Saturday, May 23, 2009

Go-To Gal

Stretch discovered he needed new tires several months ago. Like back in February. Left to his own devices, he was always too busy to do anything about it. Or something like that. Finally, I'd had enough and Friday morning I told him to take my car and leave his. L'il Sis and I ended up at a tire store for around 2 hours during a driving rainstorm. She was pretty good for the first hour but the 2nd hour tried us both. Finally, the tires were mounted, balanced and aligned.

And I can't help wondering what he would do if he weren't married? Actually, if that had been the case, the new tires would probably have been put on back in February...


Amy said...

You're a good woman, Marine Wife!

Jody said...

What would these men do without us? I know mine would never be able to find anything!