Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PreK Graduation

Monday night was busy one here. L'il Sis had her dance class then we had to rush to her PreK graduation. The kids have been working hard to prepare 8 songs. They all did such a great job. But between the slide show, the songs, and the diplomas, it all made for a long night and L'il Sis was pretty tired by the end of it. It was bit over the top but the kids were so cute.

The night wouldn't have been complete with at least one "I don't know that child. Nope. Never laid eyes on her before" moment. It had nothing to do with L'il Sis. Her big sister, the 8 year old who claims she's not a child and therefore should know better, was the perpetrator. She said she couldn't see and had crept forward while the kids received their diplomas. It was done by class so there was a bit of a lull between classes while parents moved forward to take pictures. During one of these lulls, we see Big Sis pulling on the preschool director's blouse (she was MC'ing the ceremony) to tell her something. Oh, the horror! Turns out Big Sis thought the director had skipped a song (she's heard the practice CD a few times). It was the last song, the one the kids sang after receiving their diplomas.

Although they had their graduation ceremony, there's still a week of school left for L'il Sis. And thank goodness. Her class was small and very close-knit. She'll miss seeing her friends every week. Only one will be going to the same elementary school and there's no guarantee they'll be in the same class.


Jody said...

Oh, my goodness. Were you just horrified when Big Sis offered her "help?"

Congrats to Lil Sis. Hannah had a small class as well. Only 9 students. Her official last day was today. It was sad when she was hugging all of her friends bye. On the way to the car she told me she was happy and sad.

Amy said...

LOL at Big Sis!