Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend mish-mash

Out of the mouths of babes:
I was cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets and our banister the other day (all are white). Big Sis came down the stairs as I was working on the banister and asked what I was doing. I explained I was cleaning (although I thought it was pretty obvious). She replied with, "Why? No one is coming to visit."

*sigh* I know that housekeeping is not my strong suit, but still...

Stretch returned from his trip late Saturday night. A flight attendant upgraded him to first-class on both legs of his return flights. Now, this has happened before. And I certainly don't begrudge him the extra room. I've sat next to him and know how cramped he is in coach, especially since most of his height is in his legs. (By the way, the next time you fly, you might want to check behind you before pushing your seat back. If it won't go back, it might be because you're ramming your seat into the knees of someone behind you and his knees have nowhere else to go!)

I've lost count how many times flight attendants have taken pity on Stretch and moved him to first-class. But it only seems to happen when he's flying solo. It has NEVER happened while he was traveling with his wife!


Jody said...

My kids never fail to ask, "Who is coming over? whenever I am in the midst of a good cleaning. Sometimes I just want it clean for me!

The Mrs. said...

It does sometimes make you scratch your head as to why all the good stuff happens when they are traveling solo!