Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I was feeling a tad bit guilty for all of the eating-out the girls and I have done lately. Stretch left on another trip Sunday afternoon. We stopped for take-out after dropping him off at the airport. Yesterday, L'il Sis had a late afternoon/early evening dance class so we picked up a sack of burgers for dinner. (To make it seem bit better nutritionally, I supplemented the burgers with leftover fruit.) Then, today. Big Sis had a late afternoon appointment about half an hour away. By the time we were near home, it was almost dinner-time. So... we ate out. I was craving a particular salad so we went to @pplebee's.

I was feeling guilty about eating out and then I looked at the bill.

The girls' meals were free (love Tuesdays! must remember this!) and I had enough rewards points that so was mine. The only thing the meal cost me was the waitress' tip. Hmm....nope, don't feel a shred of guilt now!

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