Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last day of preschool

Today was L'il Sis' last day of preschool. Ever. We've hit another milestone and it just sort of crept up on me. Yet again. Starting this fall, both kids will be school-age kids. When did that happen? It seems like I was just struggling with potty-training so that L'il Sis could even go to preschool!

We had a little end of the year party toward the end of the class day for the kids
. After class was over, the parents' association sponsored a Splash Party on the playground for the kids with sprinklers, a slip-n-slide, snacks and even free treats from an ice cream truck. As you can see by the fact that L'il Sis is walking along side the thing, she didn't quite get the whole slip-n-slide concept.

On the other hand, she totally got the ice cream! I didn't know she was capable of inhaling one of those things, but apparently she is.
Despite the heat and mugginess (seriously awful, I thought I was going to die out there!), she ate her treat so fast it didn't have a chance to melt. Although I gave her a napkin and made her use it, she didn't really need it.

The Splash Party was a great idea. It helped make the last day a little less sad for the kids.


After picking up Big Sis from school, we got home just before a huge thunderstorm hit. I made L'il Sis wait until the thundering and lightning was over before letting her outside. She didn't get particularly wet, but she looked quite fetchingly pink while she tried!


Jody said...

Time certainly is flying by. We have to figure out a way to slow it down just a little bit!

The Splash Party looks like great fun!

Meredith said...

Very cute! And just when I'm surprised you let her wear a two piece I see that every other preschooler's two piece is skimpier. (I'm so fuddy-duddy on this one) The necklace with the bathing suit is adorable.

Where does time go?

meekmommy said...

I love Claire's bathing suit! Where did you get it??

Marine Wife said...

The bathing suit is from Target. L'il Sis told everyone it was Hawaiian.

airforcewife said...

my #3 evil blond child has the same bathing suit!